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Empowering learners with digital credentials

The Trusted Learner Network™ (TLN) harnesses the power of modern technology to redefine the way identity, credentials and learning are managed and utilized in the world of education.

How the TLN works

Designing a solution for today's complex learner journeys

The TLN is a standalone, web-accessible application that provides learners with the autonomy to choose how they manage and share credentials securely.

The tech stack includes a dedicated services layer that facilitates application builds, which interfaces with a cryptographically secure repository within the TLN infrastructure for credential storage and management. This repository is built upon blockchain technology, providing transparent, secure and immutable records of credentials.

Our governance guides the technology, ensuring that the handling and administration of students' credentials is the TLN's top priority.

This all allows institutions and credential providers to securely exchange information within the TLN's blockchain-powered infrastructure.

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