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Dear TLN community members,

As the Trusted Learner Network has grown since 2019, we have focused relentlessly on the idea that digital credential agency will transform the lives of students, learners, and earners to chart their own paths and discover new value in the experiences of learning they have engaged in throughout their lives. 

TLN’s approach of partnering technology, governance and community is specifically designed to bring this future within reach, not just for partners, but for the educational institutions, employers and organizations that support learners and earners on their educational journeys.

It is in this vein and with a tremendous amount of excitement that we welcome you to the future home of TLN Design Patterns, a digital playbook for mapping and executing effective change inside of your organization to bring digital credentialing to life. 

This free resource will be for digital credential makers, evangelists — and even skeptics — to use, incorporating change management methodology and strategic thinking when designing a micro-credential ecosystem in their organization or institution. Each Design Pattern includes a common problem, problem space, identified solutions, tips, real world analogies, relations to other patterns, and more.

Change can easily cause friction…the TLN Design Patterns can help ease that transition to ensure that trust is at the forefront. We hope that you will find it extremely valuable. Please stay tuned and sign up for the TLN Community mailing list for updates!


Sheryl Grant
Author, researcher and creator of TLN Design Patterns, New Trust Lab

Kate Giovacchini
Executive Director of Digital Trust Technologies, ASU

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